So, I'm starting a blog?

📆 December 06, 2019 • ⏲️ 2 min read.


Humans learn from the information shared by others(mostly, or atleast till a certain point), for the longest time I felt I have nothing special to share with others as everything that I learned seemed trivial to me and I thought, ah this? Anyone can do this I'm sure! 😅

Not quite, things that might seem too trivial to you might add some value to others, in most cases they do.

Ever since my childhood I've been tweaking with computers, phones and learnt a few things along the way, but never really logged all the things I learnt somewhere from which others can benefit. Here's some of my experiment where people called out to me to log all the cool stuff in the blog, and had several instances in my uni where people have asked me to log something.

people asking to blog on twitter

So, what can you expect?

So this blog will serve as some aggregations of my thoughts and learnings about tech (mostly JavaScript), about cool things that I learn on daily basis and which make things easier and about life, which is somewhat new topic for me to write about but I've had several thoughts recently which I've felt can add value to others. I'm also super interested and excited about Anime, Football and Travelling(not a frequent traveller though) and while practicing these I've also encountered some things which can help people for ex. Tips on how to do your first solo trip to Japan or how to make it work? But keeping this blog for mostly tech, work life as adding everything here will clutter things and people who are here for tech content will see a lot of noise and so will maintain a separate blog soon about Anime and Travelling content/hacks. Again, possibilities are endless and I'm trying to overcome the belief that everything I know is trivial.

So, this will be a small starting point for me to share some of my findings with the hope that it adds value to others in some way. Totally open for feedback on any of my blogs(please correct me if I'm wrong somewhere!) and feel free to report anytime if you encounter a problem somewhere or have questions.


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