What I do, what I like, what consumes most of my time etc.

Software Engineering 👨‍💻

Been engineering softwares for almost 2 years now, JavaScript is something that I have worked with the most and feel most comfortable with. I've also contributed to several open source projects and built some of my own which are all available on my GitHub.
anshumanv developer

Anime 🗼

Anime is a super important part of my life, they have pretty trivial teachings but I'm fascinated to how they mirror the real life, it's something that lifts my mood, motivates me and help me have a persistent growth mindset at all times. Also, to be able to complete 100 distinct animes before my graduation is something that I'm proud of.
anshumanv developer

Football ⚽

Actively pursued football in school and for the first 2 years of my engineering(mostly strike, LW), made great friends because of it and had fun playing alongside so many amazing people. I also enjoy doing some lame freestyle and make them my IG story! Scoring in the Inter-IIIT finals and then winning the entire thing was satisfying. Can't wait to continue!
anshumanv developer

Other Interests 🎮🏓✈️

I started playing CS:GO as well, initially just to try it but then ended up playing it 600+ hrs, I've also played a ton of table tennis with my batch-mates and enjoyed it alot as well, apart from that I recently realized I like travelling as well and was lucky enough to do a Japan trip which I've been looking forward to for the longest time.
anshumanv developer

Some Background ⏪

Ever since my childhood I've been interested in tech, computers etc. And so I knew that I had to pursue computers when I grow up. Trying different OSs was my favorite weekend thing (and completing silly Pokémon emulator games on NDS, GBA). Was always tweaking my computers and phones with different mods. After studying PCM for some years, managed to gain admission and pursue undergratuate in Computer Science and Engineering. Got hooked to JavaScript when I started coding and was fascinated about the ecosystem. I was lucky enough to have people support me in all hobbies and activities that I pursued and had a really fulfilling life so far.